Joining the Society

Membership in the Society is open to all who are interested in its
activities. All members are required to pay an annual membership fee. The Society
is a non-profit organization and all activities (including the annal
conference, various conferences and other activities, and publication of
“Min-Ad”) are funded by membership fees. The annual fee does not include
registration fees for the annual conference. Registration fees for conferences
are charged separately for each event. The annual conference is the Society’s main
event and provides its members a with convenient opportunity to renew their
membership and pay their dues. To assist the Society in planning an annual
budget, we request that members renew their membership no later than the annual
conference which usually takes place during the summer. New members are
encouraged to pay membership fees promptly in order to be included in the
Society’s mailing list and participate in upcoming events.


Membership fees:

Regular membership – 140 NIS

Retirees – 110 NIS

Students and new immigrants – 70 NIS



Bank transfer to the following account:

Israeli Musicological Society

Account number: 21504336 Bank: 09 Branch: 001 Purpose of transfer:
membership fees


For additional information please contact the society treasurer Dr.
Beatrice Bar at